Because “you don’t look that bad” has never made anyone feel any better. Ever.

gotta keep them boobs from bouncing

If I put mascara on, chances are I’m gonna end up looking like a sad clown.

Every time, I don’t care if I’m in public.

heyitsnat replied to your post: To my handbag

Ey, nena, a mi se me rompió mi mochila exactamente igual y conseguí arreglarla, tal vez no esté todo perdido :D Inténtalo, que es una bolsita demasiado adorable como para dejarla abandonada y rota *w*

I know, I know, I’ll look for someone who can try and fix it, maybe not everything is lost! C:

So, this is being Glee’s new season so far

Not that I’m complaining about too much Blaine or anything, but…

There is this guy in my university whom with I share some of my classes, and since last year he eventually would come and ask something. He calls me by my name and talks to me like I have a freaking idea of who he is, which I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, the bloke is nice and all, I don’t mind at all his talking to me, it is just super awkward because I don’t even know his name and I keep wondering why or how the hell he knows mine. 

Usually it is always the other way round, people having no idea who the hell am I, so I feel a little bad for this… I think I’m going to investigate a little bit and get to know this boy’s name. So I can scream it to his face the next time he cames to ask something. Let’s see how he likes it. Gosh.

My family, treating me like I’m 10 since I was 11.