So Sherlock’s bedroom is behind the kitchen? The door is next to the fridge?



Has that always been there?!

I honestly cannot work out the floorplan of 221B. Where’s the bathroom? Is John’s bedroom the only room upstairs? If so, is it massive? Does it take up the entire floor?! 

I don’t know about the upstairs issue because John’s room has never been shown in the series and I wouldn’t know what changes they’ve made in the upper floor; The living room level is pretty much like the original flat, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, but they’ve put the kitchen in one of the bedrooms and so they have had to add another room behind the kitchen (BBC Sherlock’s room doesn’t exist in the original flat, nor what I presume is the bathroom). But, as I’ve recently tried to make 221B in the Sims 3, I’ve been investigating and I think in A Scandal in Belgravia it is pretty clear where everything is in that one floor.  And as I haven’t been able to find a proper floorplan to work with, I have made my own for everybody out there still being confused! 

In ASIB, when Sherlock wakes up in his bedroom calling for John, we see that there’s a door just opposite to the one John oppens to get inside. At the moment I thought it could be a built-in wardrobe, but given that it seems luminous and there’s an outrageous lack of bathrooms in that house, I am possitive that it is the bathroom. They don’t share; each one, each bedroom, has it’s own. 

The upstairs floor then has to have, at least, one bedroom (John’s) and one bathroom.

Please let me know if you spot any mistake!